Welcome to Piggies Coffee! We are so glad you found us – Piggies Coffee is the top police owned coffee roaster. We are always striving to bring the best coffee to your cup. Fueling America’s First Responders and Military personnel is our passion.  Every purchase you make goes toward supporting Police Officers, EMS, Military, and yes even those hose dragging Firefighters!

Our owner, Sam Thompson, is a full-time law enforcement officer and part-time United States Coast Guard Reservist. As you can imagine, long shifts and little sleep have driven a passion for delivering top of the line caffeinated beverages. He started roasting his own coffee while working the midnight shift – gas station coffee just wasn’t cutting it!

All of our coffee is Specialty Graded single origin from Colombia. We roast to a medium-dark profile specifically developed for this coffee. We are a true small-batch coffee roaster, only roasting just over 2lbs per batch. This means that you can be assured that what you are drinking is fresh and wasn’t roasted 6 months ago like the majority of what you find on the grocery shelves.

We hope to become your go-to coffee service. Rest assured that every time you brew a cup, you are supporting our First Responders! 

All that being said, we are trying to keep things simple, and not too serious around here. Just good coffee, for a good cause. Oh – and another good reason why to drink coffee! Because meth would get you fired! #coffeebeforemeth


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